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Original Characters


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Here's a list of all the major characters from Cardcaptors and a brief description about them. I'll get as many pictures as possible.


This is Sakura Avalon. She's the main character in Cardcaptors. While cleaning her basement, Sakura found a weird book entitle 'The Clow Book'. It opened mysteriously revealing strange cards. She released them all into the world where they began to cause trouble. The book's guard, Kero, put her in charge of re-sealing them and therefore, made her a Cardcaptor.


In this picture you see Madison Taylor. She's Sakura's closest friend at school. After Sakura captures the Fly card, Madison accidently gets a video of her using it. Now that she knows about Cardcaptoring, she helps out by creating battle costumes and giving advice.


This is Julian Star. He's a close friend to Sakura's brother, Tori. Julian's a really great guy. He's polite, sensitive, caring, cute and just plain nice! He's also a gaurdian to the Clow Cards, but doesn't know it. His alias is Yue, magistrate of the final judgement. Eventually, Julian does discover his other self but I won't worry about that right now.


This is Sakura's older brother Tori. He has the magical ability to see into the spirit realm, but Sakura doesn't know about it. He often seems to be a bully, but really does care for his siter.


Above is Eli Moon. He's the re-incarnation of Clow Reed. His duty is to 'help' Sakura transform the Clow Cards into Sakura Cards. He does this by creating dangerous situations which force her to change them. Other than that, though, Eli's the coolest, cutest and kindest guy you'll ever meet.


Here's Nakuru. She's the earthly form to Ruby Moon, another one of Eli's gaurdians. Nakuru is quite energetic and seems to pop up everywhere. She clings to Tori an awful lot because she's busy draining his magic (but he doesn't know).

To the right is Nakuru's true form Ruby Moon. She competes with Yue and fights quite quickly. Her spirit is firey and she'll never back down from a challenge.


This here is Li Showron. He's a decendant of a powerful magician named Clow Reed (creator of the Clow Cards). He finds out that the cards have been released and sets out to re-capture them himself. Li meets Sakura and they become rivals. Don't worry though, they do get over their differences in the end.


This lovable little guy is Kero, the earthly form of Kero Beros. He protects the cards from outside forces but fell asleep. At that point, Sakura opened the book and set them free. He offers guidance and helpful hints towards Sakura's goal. When all four elementals are captured, he can transform into Kero Beros.


Here's Kero in his true form as Kero Beros. He has a powerful fire attack and amazing strength. Kero Beros is able to transform back and forth from Kero to Kero Beros. He is very loyal and loves Sakura very much.


Here's Yue (pronounced You-ae). He is ruled by the moon (Kero is ruled by the sun) and preforms the final judgement. He's quite serious but is also very loyal. His earthly form is Julian.


This is the world's most powerful magician. His name is Clow Reed. He created the Clow Book, Clow Cards, Kero and Yue. He died many years ago but created a re-incarnation named Eli Moon.


This cutie is known a Spinny. He's the earthly form of one of Eli's gaurdians, Spinel Sun. Spinny is a rival to Kero and enjoys showing him up. Both he and Ruby Moon were created by Eli.


This is Spinel Sun in his true form. He is a fierce opponent in battle and helps Eli accomplish his tasks.




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