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Masters Of The Realms


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Here are some interesting characters I've invented and info about them. Let me know what you think by sending me a message.

In our worlds we find many different elements that seem basic and quite unimportant. Each element, every element, has a special realm all to its own. These places hold pure forms of whatever element its name speaks. Each sanctuary has a keeper, a guardian, a human interface, a master which guards and tends to it. The masters of the realms are specially chosen for their characteristics that match the elements. They are taken from their lives, asked to take the duties and either brought to their realm or returned with no memory. There are nine levels of masters and realms. As you progress upwards, they get stronger. One the first level there are nine, second has five, third has three, fourth has one, fifth has three, sixth has four, seventh has two, eighth has five and nine only has one. The ninth level master is the one who chooses new masters. The first level masters can be called upon for asistance and some other ones but few really deal directly with mortals and nonmagic people. Here is some interesting information about each.


Master of Dreams

He likes to think that he's the leader of the Masters, but really isn't. His real name is Re'en. He has amazing abilities to craft illusions and casts spells of sleep. Re'en is in charge of delivering dreams to all sleepers and to some daydreamers if they're lucky. He's quite annoying but can be surprising too...

This is a picture
that captures the
essance of Re'en.

Master of Reality

The Master of Reality's real name is Cye. He's usually very busy making sure the infinate number of realities are alright and properly cared for. If you ever wonder how something might have turned out if you acted differently, he's the one to talk to. Cye's very helpful unless preoccupied.

Master of Music

Saria is a lovely and very gentle person. She delights in talking to others who enjoy music and tries to help everyone. Her heart is just bursting with kindness.

Master of Shadows

Kia is the mysterious Master of Shadows. She dwells in a place of semi-darkness that is filled with flittering shades. Not a lot is known about her because she's vulnerable to bright light. Beware, all shadows have ears...

Master of Insanity

Otherwise known as Killian, the one and only. He's fun, weird and absolutely CRAZY!! He pops in, out, around, over and under anything, everything and nothing all at once. Completely annoying to anyone with sanity, a closed mind or no humour what so ever *cough, Re'en, cough, cough*. If you know the right tricks and riddles, Killian can be one cute and helpful friend who will do anything to lend a finger or hand. He's one of my favorite characters and definitly one of the coolest masters! He carries the Paradoxal Disc, which grants insanity to any who touch it. No worries though, he only does something like that when bored or angry.



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