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New Characters


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Here are the random newbie characters I've created for Cardcaptors. For ones belonging to a group check out Masters of the Realms.


She is a new gaurdian created by Eli. Her abilities include phaze transporting, telepathy and the ability to move through the dream realm. Her earthly form is a girl in Eli's age group with short brownish hair with the name Selena Magenata. In true form, she is covered with soft magenta fur, moves upright and on all fours, has no mouth, gazes with pure orange eyes and has three fingers on either hand. Selena is very gentle but will not take nicely to threats or mistreatment. Her main rival is Yue.

Twilight Hunter and Twill


Twilight is a gaurdian created by Dawnwalker. The thing is how can a gaurdian have a gaurdian? And Selena claims not to know how she did it. Strange huh? Continuing, his earthly form is Twill, a cute little stuffed toy-looking raptor. He's pitch black with neon blue, green, pink and purple stripes. When in true form, Twilight's a little less adorable. He's fierce, ravonous and a big baby! Twill absolutely adores Eli and is utterly facinated by Yue. His unique abilities include amazing speed, acute understanding and he knows everything except for one thing....he doesn't know he knows everything. Isn't that cute?


She was a gaurdian when Yue and Kero were around with Clow Reed. Her strength comes from the four directions of the compass. Windrider wanted to become Clow's personal gaurdian but was given the job of weather carrier instead. She travels the globe delivering things like rain and drought to those locations that need it. Her earthly form is a young girl in Sakura's range named Merryn Sterling. In natural form Merryn has powder pink wings, a long braid in back and clothing that shifts to meet the weather conditions she might fly in. Her talent, other than weather, is the control and manipulation of the four winds. Watch the skies for the wind angel.

Nick Solaris

Nick is Eli's older brother, the reincarnation of Tian Reed, Clow's brother. True there is no mention of family, but there is now! Nick was re-born in the maritimes of Canada, without any knowledge that Eli had already appeared in England. He lived in Canada for a long while before mysteriously getting word of his brother. Through some....unfortuante...cercumstances, Nick sought to destroy Eli and his friends through trials of friend against friend and role played stories. Needless to say, this attemp failed and Eli was able to convince him to forget the shadows in his mind. Nick now lives in Reedington, in a lair filled with a void. He is always ready to help or defend his younger brother. Nick has blond hair, eyes as blue as a summers day and ovular glasses. His key is one representing the moon, which is his symbol. He has two guardians, like Eli, Jatae and Emar. Both still live with him, but prefer to remain at home. Nick is a true believer of modern technology. He owns a state-of-the-art cell phone, several labtops and many more gadgets. One slight problem though, none of Eli's other friends really get along with him.

Sarah Cosmos

Well, like Nick, Sarah is related to Eli. She is his older sister and Nick's too. Her goal in life is to protect Eli from anything and everything. She calls him "the Child" and is very determined to keep him safe. Nick and Sarah don't see eye to eye often but they still care about each other like family should. She reincarnated from Katriana Reed, Tian and Clow's sister. She reawakeneded in Moscow, Russia. She came to Reedington to safeguard Eli. Stay tuned for stories that will explain her personality, interactions and generalness better than I could here.



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